Despite having nearly 7 years of digital marketing experience by 28, it only represents a small part of my working life. I grew up in Northern Ireland until I was 13 (for many who meet me, they claim I have kept a strong accent which occasionally requires subtitles).

As a kid, I started by helping out on the farm. This gave me an appreciation that your character and attitude is developed through hard work and discipline.

The well-known phrase ‘we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit’ is a powerful message, which reinforces the point that your dedication to something is normally more important than possessing a natural talent.

When I graduated from Chester University with a business degree, I had never heard of ‘SEO’. Then after browsing the web doing some independent research, I started to appreciate the value it can bring to businesses. Whether that involves a startup or multinational enterprises, I realised that the opportunities to learn and influence a brand’s success within a relatively quick timeframe were available to me, if I put the effort in.

Following a successful internship, since January 2011, I have been working at a digital marketing agency based in Chester, Prodo Digital. Initially, this solely involved working on SEO, but gradually as my knowledge developed to include other skills, client performance followed a similar trajectory.

This experience and applied knowledge has continued to grow across a number of other avenues, including (but not limited to):

– CRO: user testing and optimisation analysis
– Inbound marketing, CRM & lead nurturing
– Reporting, analytics & analysis to measure performance, determine campaign direction & offer solutions to a wide range of problems faced by the marketing and development departments.

By having this strategic view across a range of avenues and channels, part of my responsibility includes assessing and advising the annual, quarterly and monthly direction of the campaigns by delegating work to other team members.

Primarily, I’m using this blog to help give back some of the knowledge I’ve picked up along the way. This may include some mistakes that I’ve learned from, but either way, I hope you find some parts useful.

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